The Centennial Model

Short to medium term wealth creation

Recent events in the economy and in the financial services sector have re-affirmed our commitment to the Centennial Investment's business model which stresses commonality of interest as a cornerstone of our investment philosophy. Our model begins with identifying and gaining access to high quality deal sources who are experts in their market area. We then apply our high integrity, value-added services, co-investment and willingness to structure investment terms that align our interests with yours. Although our model does not guarantee success, we have long believed that it provides the best foundation for sustainable wealth creation.


Investment Focus

Real Estate Investments

Centennial Investments specializes in identifying real estate investments featuring both income producing and/or appreciation strategies. Our investment managers strive to buy right, add value through active investment management and then sell opportunistically to maximize investor return. Our individual real estate investment options offer a distinctive risk return profile and allow our investors to develop a long term investment strategy that can provide:
  • Effective Diversification
  • Stable Cash Flow
  • Tax Deferral
  • Inflation Protection
  • Currency Risk Management
  • Appreciation Potential
  • Long Term Capital Gains

Alternative Investments

Our alternative investments, including our managed equity funds, focus on achieving attractive risk-adjusted returns through the selection of quality investment managers with high integrity, a proven track record, and structured alignment of interests. Our goal is to provide high quality alternative investment opportunities that are suitable to the investment objectives and personal risk return profiles of our clients.

Selection Process

At Centennial Investments, we are diligent in selecting managers/sponsors, individual investments and funds for our investment portfolio. We evaluate numerous opportunities to determine which investments meet our target criteria based on acquisition price, strong seasoned management and a sound business plan supported by achievable assumptions. The real estate investment opportunities that satisfy our selection criteria will typically have many of the following features:
  • Superior locations
  • Attractive purchase prices
  • A seasoned management team
  • Attractive long-term financing
  • Below market rents at time of acquisition
  • High barriers to entry for new competition
  • Acquisition prices that are below replacement cost
  • Stable cash flow with competitive preferred returns
  • The opportunity to benefit from favorable economic trends
  • The opportunity to benefit from favorable demographic trends
  • Value creation programs through repositioning, renovation and enhancement