Our Investors

High Net Worth Individuals, Families and Trusts

Centennial Investments works exclusively with accredited high net worth individuals, families and trusts that have the potential to invest a minimum of $50,000. Our clients represent a broad cross section of successful and committed investors that include a collection of very talented business leaders that not only represent a substantial pool of private capital, but also potential investment opportunities, and an extensive information resource.

Over the years, Centennial Investments has focused on developing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. As a result, virtually all of our new investors and qualified potential investors make their initial contact with Centennial Investments based on a referral.

Centennial Investments, Management Team

Uniquely Talented People, That Combine To Make Projects Come To Life, Profitably

This is the team that spends every day looking for and working on property deals for the investors.

Their care and attention to every detail is the reason why Centennial Investments reputation for precise and transparent reporting is well respected amongst it's investors.

Every month we publish a newsletter (current and past editions available in the Company News dropdown menu) detailing all the companies activities so that investors and followers alike are always informed about current and proposed projects together with useful and interesting information pertinent to Centennial Investments scope of activity.

All investors receive a statement with regard to their investment, there is an overall position and for those that like more detail, this is catered for too.

Apart from the core team shown below there are tens of others that we join with on a temporary basis that we draw advise and technical expertise from. General Contractors, Architects, Attorneys, Designers to name but a few regularly meet with our team to review a possible project or one that is under way, our objective on a continuum is to keep the costs down and our team is always tasked with outsourcing the right people for a particular job.

The most important skill set each of our team members possess is delegation 

Centennial Investments, President & Lead Investor

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Tony Stern

Born and educated in the UK, Tony was hired as a real estate analyst in 1976 by TMGE, a boutique real estate development firm. Based in London, the firm closed on 2-3 deals per year targeting the residential market. The total active portfolio had an average value at that time of $3-5 million. The firm produced well above market returns for its private investors.

In 1982 Tony left TMGE and began his own real estate development firm. He purchased 2-3 properties per year and built up an active portfolio of 10 properties.

In parallel to a career of real estate transactions, Tony was also a successful entrepreneur. He acquired and sold several companies mostly in the UK’s embryonic wireless communication sector. In 1986, he had developed one of the UK’s leading fashion watch brands, “Claude Dolphin”, which he sold in 1990 to Monarch Industries.

In 1992, Tony founded Star Refining, an international precious metal refining company with offices in most major cities in Europe, Los Angeles and New York in the US, Shanghai and Beijing in China. Tony sold his interests in the business in October 2010 while the company had $22M in revenue and 60 employees. Today it is still a thriving international company.

In 1999, Tony co-founded Maker Mends Ltd, a jewelry repair company. By 2010, Maker Mends had become Europe’s largest repairing jeweler for the jewelry retail industry with workshops based in the UK and Thailand. Tony sold his interest in October 2013, and the company continues to grow year over year.

Since 2001, Tony has been investing steadily in the US property market. He brings into play a large network of business experts on each and every deal, employing the same business rationale that he has used in his 30 year business career.

Since 2013, Tony has been developing real estate full time.


Centennial Investments, Vice President & Administrative Controller

Gina Stern

Gina's career in administration and marketing began in 1977 as a programming assistant at the BBC Radio 2 in London, England, working on several high-profile radio shows. In 1980 Gina  furthered her experience when she was ‘head hunted’ by Yorkshire Television also based in the London to manage select business with the big three advertising agency clients of the time Saatchi & Saatchi, J Walter Thompson and Ted Bates. Gina managed and administrated the selling and planning of TV airtime for these agencies top ranked clients.

Gina left the business world briefly in 1988 to start a family and returned in 1992 to co-found Star Refining, a precious metal refining company As Director of Marketing she was instrumental in making the company the largest of its kind in the UK and was ranked number five in the US  prior to Gina’s departure in 2010 when it was sold to management.

Gina, after a brief sabbatical once again partnered with Tony in Centennial Investments and has been entrenched in the daily operation of the company from  administration and marketing to acquisition and construction of the companies varying projects on behalf of its investors.
Gina has always had a love for jewelry and since 2014 has headed up Product Confidential a company that maintains a workshop in Bangkok, Thailand that manufactures bespoke jewelry for a select group of Gina’s personal clients.


Centennial Investments, Chief Financial Controller

                                                         Clive Byala

Clive was born and educated in South Africa and qualified in 1965 as a Chartered Accountant.
In 1973 Clive became a director of a large-scale real estate management company, Natal Investment Corporation where he specialized in the financial structure and administration of condominium and cooperative Associations.
After immigrating to the US in 1983 Clive invested in and became co-owner of a chain of 130 retail women’s clothing stores that operated in ten states, but Clive’s first love was always real estate and the lure of joining a partnership in Pennsylvania that dealt with residential real estate development and construction was too much. Clive divested his interest in the retail stores in 1994 and spent the next ten years as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Omega Homes Incorporated.
In 2005 after a year in retirement Clive decided this was not for him so he became a Personal Financial Planner at a major financial advisory company. In concert with this Clive invested in an Information Technology Company based in South Africa, Nicor IT Consulting where he was eventually asked to take on an executive management role. In 2013 Clive had to resign as a Personal Financial Planner to concentrate more effectively on Nicor. This he did until his retirement in 2016.  
In 2016 Centennial Investments was made aware of this uniquely talented man and we have utilized Clive’s knowledge on a part time basis to reduce extremely complicated data and information into a manageable and organized form. This enables us not only to track each and every one of our projects accurately and in real time but also to infuse confidence in all our investors, that our management reporting is precise and transparent in every respect.

Centennial Investments, Project & Design Manager

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Matthew Bachrad

Matthew has over a decade of luxury Real Estate experience. From selling high end properties in South Florida and Manhattan to overseeing the renovation or new construction of condominiums and multimillion dollar homes.  Matthew knows what today’s buyers are looking for in turn-key luxury properties in luxury markets.
A South Florida native from Boca Raton with a design background and natural love of all things real estate. Matthew is a licensed sales person with Douglas Elliman Real Estate in both Florida and New York as well as well as Real Estate Board member in both states. He stays on top of the latest trends in the market, design, and home technology.

Centennial Investments, Assistant Manager, Project & Design

   Danielle Stern

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A natural sales person with a friendly, easy-going energy and has in a relatively short time as a Realtor achieved a record setting selling price at the Marbella Condominiom, the Syndicates last project.

Born in the UK Danielle is a licensed Realtor at Douglas Elliman Real Estate with a focus on the luxury property market in South Florida and is rapidly becoming a waterfront condo specialist. Together with Matthew they have formed a great partnership and have found the last three Centennial Investment Syndicate projects. They liaise between Syndicate management, architect and builders with the specific brief of delivering Projects on time and in budget.